Personal Project

EDA, analysis YouTube

Data extract and analysis Oct, 2019 — Now

Data extraction and cleaning. Analysis with pandas, seaborn to visualization the best channel Website:

  • Host on Github with Cloudflare
  • Data processing and cleaning
  • Research and develop


Developer and Designer Jan, 2016 — Jan, 2018

Created as hobby, develop and design UX/UI from the scratch. Take feedback from user and iterative improvement through each deployment. Website:

  • Host on AWS with Cloudfront
  • Migrate from Wordpress to Jekyll framework
  • JQuery, Mansonry.js, Sass


  • PHP Lavavel, Zend, Yii framework, Moodle, WordPress CMS
  • Nodejs, Angular 1, 2 & 4, Webpack
  • JS: NodeBB, Mansonry.js, LokiJS, JQuery, Datatables
  • HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, Sass, grunt, gulp,
  • MySQL, PostgreSQL, NoSQL, MongoDB
  • Git, SVN, gitflow merge and rebase
  • Linux, server deployment, Jenkins CI/CD.
  • Vagrant, puppet, centos setup
  • Docker compose, and setup
  • Microservices, RabbitMQ, AWS services
  • Python Scrapy, Selenium for data extraction
  • Data processing beautiful soup 4, regex, transformation, Peewee ORM, flask
  • Machine Learning scikit-learn, numpy, pandas, visualization
  • Object-Oriented Analysis and Design Pattern
  • Data Structure and Algorithm



Developer Sep, 2018 — May, 2019

I am a Developer, working on back-end on microservices.

  • Work with microservices, and AWS services
  • Docker compose and configuration
  • Implement API for other services, and process data communicate between microservices
  • Work with RabbitMQ
  • Good communicate with BA, PO, commitment, support member on blocker


Team Lead Sep, 2017 — Sep, 2018

I worked as Team Lead, responsible for supporting member and monitor deadline.

  • Communicate with customer on behalf of team, review code, handle issues
  • Training and motivate team on work, support team if have issues
  • Setup Jenkins for auto build source code from git, and auto run Behat and extraction report daily
  • Using Jekyll to create marketing site
  • Create new module to sync all existing badges across multiple platform
  • Integration with NodeJS, custom Mozilla backpack open source to serve business purpose


Developer Mar, 2017 — Sep, 2017

I was a Developer, independently work along with customers.

  • Implement new form with Laravel 5.x, along with AngularJS
  • Perform full unit test on the assigned tasks
  • Working with multiple site, and repository


Developer Jan, 2017 — Mar, 2017

I was a Developer, responsible for developing and testing various tasks.

  • Construct the Angular 2 cli, and Webpack and integrate third party libraries, tree-component, Datatables JS, underscores utility
  • Implement front end task using bootstrap, Sass which shows the table can drag & drop, and responsive
  • Using LokiJS database on browser to optimize speed response time under 1 second. Using localstorage, IndexedDB
  • Develop Angular 2 JS with .NET API, debug, and fix bugs

OU – OL and OLC

Developer Jul, 2016 — Dec, 2017

I acted as a Developer responsible for developing new module of Moodle.

  • Create new layout and extend functionality on existing CMS
  • Write JQuery with Sass
  • Code convention of customer defined, along with code checker and Moodle PHP docs
  • Using gherkin, writing more extent functions for Behat test

Aussie - Toolbox

Developer Sep, 2015 — Jul, 2016

I worked as Developer for Toolbox, experience with Agile method & Scrum.

  • Write code based on detailed designs and Functional/Requirement Specifications
  • Follow code convention AngularJS and Zend framework
  • Perform full unit test coverage on the assigned tasks
  • Use ORM, and write SQL code to optimize performance
  • Work in agile project, commit task and finish on time


Graduated Program at IU - VN

2009 - 2014


  • Data Collection Tools on Social Networks: Dynamic Web Crawler
  • Get data from timeline on Facebook site and data mining, using Gephi software to visualize analysis user behaviors

Subjects studied

  • Programming languages: C, Java, PHP, JavaScript, MySQL, HTML
  • Object-Oriented Analysis and Design Pattern, Data Structure and Algorithm, Software Engineering, Database Management System, Artificial Intelligence, Information Management System